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Superintendent, Electrical


Position Summary:


As relates to electrical discipline, responsible for coordinating and updating guidelines,approvals,  inspections, input to the projects from in-house sources, site offices, architects and other consultants.

Follows developments in technology and applies that in Newbuilding projects as well as in solutions to improve the performance of the existing fleet.

Sharing of responsibilities related to systems and areas  will be separately agreed for each project

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Responsible for design and building supervision of High and Low woltage systems.
  • Overviews the electrical approval processes with Superintendents
  • Applies relevant rules and regulations in the development of cruise ship design and building
  • Participation to architectural mock-ups for lighting assessment



As relates to the electrical discipline:

  • Coordinates modification with in-house architects, marine operations, other  teams as needed.
  • Follow-up and reporting of approval and building progresses
  • Overviews document approval, FAT process, Quay tests and Sea trial
  • Participates the FAT tests for critical equipments
  • Ensures, that innovations and best practices from existing fleet will be implemented on future Newbuilding projects and Revitalization projects.
  • Updates SQM and Environmental quality systems.
  • Supports operational teams with unfinished work warranty claims  after delivery items as needed
  • Meets with potential makers and systems designers
  • Communicates with RCL fleet ships when found necessary


Additional responsibilities may be assigned based on the scope of the project

Key skills & experience required:


  • Fluency in English
  • Computer literate
  • Experience from new building site surveys, especially from the own field of expertise.
  • Shipboard experience
  • Good understanding of technical systems onboard
  • Experience of shipbuilding and design
  • Good skills to read drawings
  • Good skills for communication and co-operation
  • Deep knowledge of SOLAS, IMO, classification rules and marine standards.



Chief Electrical Engineer



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